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blogAutour de Frederique Bruly-Bouabre

Commissariat : Naima Chomereau Lamotte

T&T Jarry propose une exposition en l’honneur du Maitre Frederique Bruly-Bouabre. Cet artiste Ivoirien est un leader de la production contemporaine mondiale. De la biennale de Venise au MoMA les œuvres de ce dessinateur de genie est dans les collections internationales etc…

L’exposition comptera une trentaine de dessin de Monsieur Bruly-Bouabre. Ils seront accompagnes d’une selection de dessins d’artistes talentueux qui souhaitent participer a cet hommage. Il s’agit aussi de faire decouvrir l’œuvre d’un important artiste Africain en Guadeloupe tout en prolongeant sa vision du monde a travers les œuvres d’autres artistes contemporains.

Nous ne voulions pas restreindre la creation des artistes invites en imposant que celle-ci se rapporte techniquement, politiquement ou conceptuellement a l’oeuvre de Bruly-Bouabre. Aussi proposons-nous que le lien entre les œuvres exposees soit le format. Des oeuvres sur papier de 19 x 15 cm.

L’exposition aura lieu a la galerie T&T Art Contemporain de Jarry en Guadeloupe. La selection des artistes est encore ouverte. Les artistes desireux de participer a cet hommage peuvent contacter la galerie avant le 10 decembre 2013 a l’adresse suivante.

T&T Jarry

Immeuble Socogar

97122 Jarry Gaudeloupe

+590 10 91 60


Frederic Bruly Bouabre was born in 1923 in the Ivory Coast.

He belongs to the tribe of the Bete and was taught in a catholic school. He was fond of the French language and literature and worked for the Navy and the railway in Senegal.

He claims that his art goes back to a vision on March 11, 1948, when he saw seven suns orbiting round the Sun and he thus invented his own alphabet and began writing books, mostly in the form of bilingual French/Bete texts… Since then he has called himself a searcher who records his observations in books and drawings. His cosmogony is influenced as much by Christianity as by other myths and tends to harmonise its sources. Nearly all his works are made up of images and textual elements, which are related to and interpret each other. There are signs found and invented  **   there are secrets revealed and concealed  **   there are interpretations and riddles. There is always one level of narration which reveals a bit more, in a rather different way to the others. Frederic Bruly Bouabre plays with his role as a narrator. He also developed a joint project with the late Italian artist Alighiero e Boetti comprised of

works by each of the artists. Bruly Bouabre’s work often takes the form of small drawings, grouped into sets of 50 to 100 on such topics as scarification, the alphabet, cosmologies, etc. In 1989 he took part in “Magiciens de la terre” at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and later in “Documenta 2002” in Kassel, Germany. Since then his drawings have extended an international and global concept of art.

Bouabre writes: “The alphabet is the indisputable pillar of human language. It is the hearth where the memory of man lives. It is a very effective recipe against forgetfulness, the feared factor of ignorance… Africa has been looked down on as being the “continent without an alphabet”.